Gate 53 is Now Boarding – Launch of Now Boarding board game insert

Here at StoreAllTheBits, we’ve just completed the finishing touches on our latest board game insert!  This one is for Now Boarding from the fine folks over at Fowers Games.

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This insert is designed to take up the entire box and leave room for the map, setup card, and manual at the top.

The insert has a number of nice features such as:

  • Pieces arranged similar to how a player builds their plane
  • Concealed area under the tail pieces for storing anger cubes
  • Card / Tile compartments have side cut outs for loading / unloading, as well as push through holes at the bottom to ease unloading if desired
  • Cockpit compartment has risers to enable storage of two engine tiles for better overall profile
  • The height of the timers serves to lock in the position of the board when in the box
  • Plane hanger on the right stores each plane in an individual slot
  • Game can be set up / played / and stored without the need for removing the insert from the box if desired.

Due to the constraints on size, this insert does not support sleeved cards.  Check it out on our Etsy shop and order one today so you can ditch those baggies!