Port of Call Tips and Tricks

The Port of Call board game insert safely stores all the pieces for the game Container 10th Anniversary from Mercury Games.  In order for all the insert components to fit, there are a small number of modifications that need to be made to the cardboard insert that comes with the game.

Here is a picture of everything stored in the box.  You’ll notice that the square well in the lower left-hand corner is empty, that is by design.

The changes required are all with respect to the fact that the cardboard insert is designed with slanted walls to ease retrieval of game pieces.

The Port of Call components need to use the space taken up by the slant.

The diagram at right shows the cardboard insert (orange) and the box (blue).  Basically we are going to flatten the wall of the cardboard insert against the box.

In the diagram at right, the green area represents where you should push and roll the cardboard down and towards the corner of the box

This diagram shows the end goal of what you are trying to accomplish

The picture below shows the 4 areas where the above modification needs to be made.

The 5th modification is optional and is basically a hole in the cardboard in order to make it easier to lift out the cardboard insert in order to get to the cash tray stored underneath the ships.