Release Update – The Refinery expanded to support the Emerging Markets Expansion

Earlier this week received the Emerging Markets expansion for Pipeline.  Nice collection of 5 modules that can be mixed and matched with the game.

Looking at the components of the expansion, they were fairly distinct from the base game and any revisions to the Refinery would need to support the mixing and matching of the modules, as opposed to just mixing everything in with the base game.  Thankfully that was the case, since the trays for the base game were already pretty tight as far as space was concerned.

After looking at everything we landed on modifying one existing tray to hold some of the new components, and then creating 3 additional trays to hold the remaining module pieces.  Everything fits really well in the open area where the pipeline bag is stored without causing any lid lift as long as you take a little time to settle the pipeline bag a bit before dropping it in where it goes.

Our Refinery listing is now updated to provide all the combinations of:

  • Pipeline w/Emerging Markets & QuadLocks – This is the full configuration that supports the Pipeline base game, the Emerging Markets expansion, and the popular QuadLocks developed in house
  • Pipeline Base Game – This configuration supports the base game of pipeline
  • Pipeline w/Emerging Markets – This supports the Pipeline base game and the Emerging Markets expansion
  • Pipeline w/QuadLocks – This supports the Pipeline base game and includes the QuadLocks add-on

You can see the revised listing at the normal place:  The Refinery – A Pipeline Board Game Insert