New Gadget Released: Word Wheels for the ….rdles in your life (like Wordle)

Wordle swept through our house these past few months, about the same time it was also sweeping through the homes of most of our friends.  During a regular exchange of daily stats, one friend surmised that someone (i.e. me) should come up with a fancy 3D printed thingy that would be a “Wordle Idearator” so you could easily go through all the possible letters.  From that, I started hammering out a way to marry Wordle, engineering, and 3D printing to solve that problem!

Behold the:

Word Wheels

This is the answer to your daily bit of angst when you have 1, 2, 3, whatever letters and you just can’t think of what reasonable, sane, 5 letter word has an “A” and an “I” but isn’t “PAINT”.

I worked through a number of configurations to work out the details.  When you receive one of these, you’ll have a small (as small as I could make wheels for 26 letters and a space), compact and pleasingly weighty gateway to improving your Wordle scores!   Word Wheels are constructed by hand from 3D Printed parts and a few other bits.  These Word Wheels are compact; fit in your hand or on your breakfast table; and provide an oh so satisfying “click” as you dial through the letters and find your Wordle, Absurdle, or any other …rdle you may have.

See this video for the Word Wheels in action

We’ve started with some initial color combinations, but there are a dizzying number of possibilities, since you can basically have different colors for the case, wheels, and the lettering.   So, you want a Word Wheel in your school colors – Check!  Company colors – Check!, The sky’s the limit!

Word Wheels are available now in the shop