New Release – Spokeshute – Board Game Insert for Boonlake

We recently received our copy of Boonlake and thought it would be an excellent candidate for getting the Store All The Bits treatment.  So, without further ado, here is Spokeshute, our board game insert for said game.

We continue our tradition of color coding the trays to help ease setup, play, and teardown, with grey trays used during play and the brown trays used during setup.  Sleeved cards are also supported, as usual, with the card trays sized for Fantasy Flight Games – Purple sleeves.  The card trays are particularly valuable since they can be used during play and keep the sleeved stacks from falling over.  Obviously, unsleeved cards work as well.

We also have some additional features to further improve the gaming experience:

  • Custom first player marker – With the significant spread of the game on the table, the small cardboard flower for first player just wasn’t doing it for us, so we designed a larger, multi-color piece with a lotus flower to use for a bit more bling.
  • Custom region markers – The small black discs also seemed like they could use a little bling, so we designed larger, standing pieces patterned after the Town Hall found on the cards and the cover.  These can be laid flat when initially deployed and then stood up when the region is selected for its reward.
  • Inhabitant supply tray – Since everyone immediately sends 5 inhabitants to the supply at the start of the game, we decided to just cut to the chase and create a dedicated tray for that supply.  Doing so, also helps to separate the supply inhabitants from players regular boards.
  • Split vs Single trays – While we were watching Paul’s Gaming Rules playthrough of Boonlake, we keyed in on the benefits of having multiple stacks of cards for the table, and decided to extend that as an option for the cash, inhabitant supply, and levers and vases.  So, when you put this in your cart, you can select to either have these three trays in a split configuration or a single configuration.  You get either 3 pairs of trays or 3 trays total.  The configuration is a free option and is really just your personal preference.

That about sums it up for this one.  Spokeshute is available now and we also have a Spokeshute Tips and Tricks page with some guidance on packing the box as well as some other helpful tips.