Spokeshute Tips and Tricks for our Boonlake insert

Here are some tips and tricks for getting the most out of our  Spokeshute – board game insert for Boonlake which is designed to provide an enhanced storage solution for Boonlake.

What is the best way to load/pack the game box?
  1. Place the player boards in the box along with the action board and the associated action strips at one end
  2. Load the player trays in two stacks of two on top of the action board
  3. Place the grey card trays, brown tile box, and brown solo / scoring tiles tray at the opposite end of the box as shown
  4. Place the levers / vases tray(s), the region markers / first player marker tray, and supply tray(s) on top of the player trays.  Place the cash tray(s) on top of the solo / scoring tiles tray
  5. Finally, top off with the game board and rules manual.
What sleeves are supported?