Deja Vu All Over Again Original / XL – Tips and Tricks for our LOOP insert

Here are some tips and tricks for getting the most out of both our Deja Vu All Over Again and Deja Vu All Over Again XL Board Game inserts which are designed to provide an enhanced storage solution for The Loop and the Revenge of Fauxzilla and Fur Brigade (XL version) expansions.

What is the best way to load/pack the game box?

Due to the large amount of space in the game box, there are some specific orientations required when placing the trays in the box.  These orientations are primarily due to some of the unique shapes for some of the trays.

  1. Starting with the empty box, place the machine cage in the corner of the box with the bottom of the machine situated against the wall of the box as shown.  NOTE: Be sure the base of the time machine is on the side of the machine cage with the higher posts, as shown.
  2. Place the three card trays in front of the machine cage, running along the box wall as shown
  3. Place two stacks of three Agent (or four agents if you have the XL version) trays next to the row you just created, and then position the tray containing the Centrifuges and Super Clones at the bottom of the Agent trays, with the square nub locking in the card trays
  4. Place the two Fauxzilla trays next to the Centrifuges / Super Clones tray and seated in the corner.  Place the Mission tray at an angle as shown, with the bottom of the tray aligned to be roughly on top of the corner of the Fauxzilla trays.

    Make sure the tabs on both the top Fauxzilla tray and the Missions tray are positioned against the wall of the box as shown above
  5. Fold the orange draw bag, containing the Clone tokens, into a rough triangle and place in the open space between the stack of Agent trays and the top of the Missions tray.  Ensure the bag doesn’t stick above the edge of the Missions tray.  Place the cubes tray on top of the two stacks of card trays.
  6. Place remaining Agent trays / Game Mode tray on top of the Mission tray and Fauxzilla trays, ensuring the tray edges align with the tabs on the two trays, as shown
  7. Place the HQ board over the cube tray and rest of the trays as shown
  8. Set the main Loop rule book to the side, it will go in last.  Place all other supplementary manuals and sheets on top of the HQ board, aligning them around the Machine cage in the corner.  Then place the player board aligned as shown
  9. Finally, top everything off with the Loop rule book.
What sleeves are supported?
  • The card trays are sized to fit any sleeve with an outside dimension of no more than 66mm x 91mm.  Specifically, the Gamegenic Standard card sleeves (Grey equivalents) were used in the design.
  • The Loop and Revenge of Fauxzilla expansion require a combined total of 122 sleeves according to the Loop entry on the Board Game Geek Card Sleeve Sizes for Games geeklist.
Can I still use the insert if I don't have the expansions?

Of course!  

If you don’t yet have the expansions, you’ll just have a few empty trays and a few trays that aren’t filled quite as much.  Everything should still stay in place.

Packing update if you upgraded to the Full Player Tray set for the original insert

If you upgraded your original Deja Vu All Over Again insert with the Full Player Tray set, there is one update to the packing instructions.

Since there is a slight height difference between the 4 high stack of new player trays and the Missions / Fauxzilla trays.  To adjust for this, use one or two pieces of cardboard to make up the difference.

These pieces of cardboard are approximately 3 1/2 inches x 9 1/2 inches (90mm x 240mm).  Place one or two (personal preference) across the tops of the Missions tray and Fauxzilla Tray in order to have the remaining two player trays sit approximately level with the two stacks of 4 player trays.  You can see the placement below.