New Release – Deja Vu All Over Again – Board Game Insert for The LOOP and Revenge of Fauxzilla Expansion

A client recently mentioned that The LOOP was in dire need of a board game insert.  The game had been on the wish list for my collection, but I had just not gotten around to pulling the trigger, mostly due to my Kallax of shame.  After taking a closer look and seeing that the Revenge of Fauxzilla expansion had also  been released, I decided to jump in and see what could be done!

Deja Vu All Over Again follows our standard insert mantra and provides a complete solution to store all the bits and bobs for The LOOP, and the expansion, within the original game box and with no lid lift.  You can store the game horizontally or vertically with no component slippage thanks to a few unique design elements for the trays and the stacking guidance we provide in the LOOP Tips and Tricks page.

The biggest challenge with this insert was the fact that even with all the base game pieces and the expansion, there was still a lot of room to fill in the box.  That provided some flexibility for the design but also some challenges in how the pieces fit and how to “fill up” the box.  To kick things off, each agent (both base game and expansion) gets their own color matching tray to hold everything associated with that agent.  The agent tile acts as a cover for the tray and clearly shows the agent, so you can just hand out agent trays at the start of the game.  The card section has a punch hole in the bottom and the meeple area has a collection of fitted walls that hold the meeple in place during transport. 

Since all the meeples are unique in shape and size, the fitted walls are custom designed to match the shape of the agent as you can see here in a sample set of trays.

Normally, Dr. Faux’s machine that sits at the center of the board would just float around in the box, so, the insert provides a cage designed to hold the machine in place.

Most everything else is standard insert fare, including the cube tray that can be placed on the table during game play.  There are a couple trays that were tailored to stabilizing the box contents and they consequently have some specific placement requirements as identified in the Tips and Tricks page.

Aside from the agent trays, the remaining trays are available in Grey, White, or Black.  If you’d like a different color, just let us know and we can work with you to print the trays in a different color at no charge.

That about sums it up.  If you’ve been struggling with keeping the LOOP organized, jump over to the shop and order a copy of Deja Vu All Over Again today!