New Release – Deja Vu All Over Again XL introduces support for the Fur Brigade expansion

Deja Vu All Over Again [XL], weren’t we just here?

Deja Vu All Over Again XL

Our Deja Vu All Over Again insert has been very popular and it was just a hot minute after the Fur Brigade expansion came out over the holidays before I started receiving requests from existing and potential customers on the possibility of adding Fur Brigade support to the existing insert.   To cut to the chase, we now have Deja Vu All Over Again XL available as a new version that adds support for the Fur Brigade expansion.  Now you can store all the components for the base game as well as the two expansions in a single box, saving valuable shelf space and helping you keep track of all the pieces across the game and expansions.

After the 3rd or 4th inquiry, I figured I had better move this to the top of my to-do list and see what could be done.  Looking at the Fur Brigade components, it was clear that all the non-character bits and pieces could easily be incorporated into the existing design with very little modification (basically just a new cubes tray).  That left just the two characters; Cartruman the Black and Arsene Lupus to address.  In reviewing my notes, I came back to the fact that the existing character trays were all a good bit deeper than they really needed to be, simply in order to fill the box depth.  So, off I went with my trusty calipers and Voilà !  By shrinking the depth of each existing character tray to a bare minimum, I was able to generate enough additional space to hold the two additional trays following the same approach as before.

Providing an Upgrade Path

While thinner character trays were all well and good, that created a challenge for an upgrade path for anyone who already had the original insert (and they were about half the inquiries for supporting Fur Brigade).  Whenever possible I try to provide upgrade paths / add-ons to address expansions and changes in the games themselves.  With the new tray depth, there were a couple challenges.  Even with the thinner depth, there was no place to put those two additional trays in the box, given the existing trays.  So, I created a new offering, the Fur Brigade Upgrade for Deja Vu All Over Again with two options for upgrading an original insert:

  1. Full Player Tray Set – Replace all existing player trays with a new set. This option is for the completionist / board game perfectionist and provides a complete replacement set of player trays along with a new game modes tray and cubes tray. 

    In order to address a height issue between the two stacks of now 4 trays and the original Missions tray / Fauxzilla trays, I’ve also included a set of cardboard spacers to level up the tray.  See below:
  2. Fur Brigade Only – Provide just the two additional trays (and a new cubes tray) with the understanding that those two new trays would have to be stored outside the box (the new cubes tray replaces the original cubes tray).  This is significantly cheaper since there are a total of only three additional trays. 

    Additionally, as luck would have it, the perfect place to store the two new character trays is in the Fur Brigade box itself.  The height of the two trays happens to match perfectly with the height of the box.

Introducing Silk Magenta

Also new with this release is the availability of a new premium color for the non-player trays.  I found this color after a potential customer asked if I could print the non-player trays in a color that matched the purple/magenta color of the Time Machine.  That put me on the hunt and I landed on a Silk Magenta color that is really amazing and you can see it in the main XL picture above.  This color practically glows and is a very close match to the Time Machine.  

 Deja Vu All Over Again XL continues to follow our standard insert mantra and provides a complete solution to store all the bits and bobs for The LOOP, and both expansions, within the original game box and with no lid lift.  You can store the game horizontally or vertically with no component slippage thanks to a few unique design elements for the trays and the stacking guidance we provide in the LOOP Tips and Tricks page.

That about sums it up.  If you’ve been struggling with keeping the LOOP organized, jump over to the shop and order a copy of Deja Vu All Over Again XL today!