New Release – Funtley Mill XL introduces support for the Interbellum Expansion for Furnace

Here at Store All The Bits, we’re excited to bring you a new version of our Funtley Mill Travel box for the board game Furnace!  With this new version we’re going Extra Large to add space for the Interbellum expansion.

Funtley Mill XL has grown a little bit, but it lets you store all the pieces for both the base game and the Interbellum expansion in one box that can easily be packed away to take to game night or on holiday.  As with all our Travel Boxes, you can save wear and tear on your game box by leaving it at home when you take the game abroad.  With this XL version you’re able to condense the contents of the two original cardboard boxes down to a size that is smaller than the original base game box.

An added bonus with this XL version is the introduction of a custom designed first player model reminiscent of the factory on the Funtley Mill XL label.  This new model fits in the “extra” space in one of the trays and can be used during game play as a 3D first player marker.  The original first player cardboard marker is still stored in the player marker trays.  The model comes in 3 different colors (shown left to right): Midnight Sparkle, Copper, and Pewter.

While the Interbellum box was quite a bit smaller than the original game box, it still packed a lot into a little space, so we’ve grown the Funtley Mill XL travel box accordingly.  The travel box maintains the same height as the original game box and still fits inside that box with room to spare, or you can store it on the shelf, horizontal or vertical, without any piece migrations.

An additional change with the XL version is the introduction of beige colored trays to hold all the expansion related bits, so it is easier to tell base game content from expansion content.  


We’ve also updated the Funtley Mill Tips and Tricks page with new information for the XL version covering packing and a few other things.  

Head over to the Funtley Mill XL travel box page and order yours today!